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Want to Get Pregnant? Try These 14 Natural Fertility Boosters for Women

natural fertility boosters for women

That’s the time most couples feel capable of raising more children, but the process of getting pregnant has not been very easy as planned. Want to get pregnant? Then read on, because in this well detailed blog post, we shall be exploring these 14 tested and proven natural fertility boosters for women.

Whether you are new to the conception process or have been attempting to conceive you little darling, then you know the feeling of eagerness and exhaustion. But fear not! Well, ladies, be rest assured that there countless natural fertility supplements out there ready to lend a hand to your cause of having a child.

The Hook: Natural Fertility Boosters

As a pass-through from the earliest forms of treatment to the current measures that still embrace change within the functionality of lifestyle, we are on the verge of unveiling 14 natural means of boosting fertility and improving chances of conceiving.

Thanks to stress-fighting tactics, adults can now bid farewell to tension and start to explore these fertility-improving approaches.

The Fertility Conundrum: Natural Fertility Boosters

Before we dive into solutions, let’s address the elephant in the room: sterility Since the word infertility may sound like a modern problem, sterility will be used instead to encompass the general problem of inability to conceive. It is a word most men and women in a reproductive phase of their life would shudder at nervously.

But before you let fear take over, remember this: That is; infertility is not a permanent stop to your wish for a child, a dream that many people hold close to their heart. Fertility tests can be disheartening to many but all is not lost as many couples go through it to come out even stronger.

Objection Handling: Natural Fertility Boosters

At this point, you could be skeptical with the thought, “But I’ve already done it all!” And well, I would be lying if I were to say you are the only one feeling this way. These 14 natural fertility boosters for women will be of greater assistance to you.

It is a cycle that might be described as emotional as individuals try to conceive and give birth to a child. But more important is to have a readiness to accept any situation and not to limit oneself to one or another path.

Open Loops:

If you are trying to get pregnant, be sure to also pick out tips from these 14 natural fertility hacks for women. Every hint is as individual as a fragment of a jigsaw – and it appears that your most suitable combination might be different. Ok, let’s try to put the Fertility puzzle together!

Therefore, are you willing to get into the 14 natural fertility boosters for women, a total fertility enhancing strategy? Let’s dive in!

1. Cut the Caffeine

First on our list of 14 natural fertility boosters for women is avoiding caffeine intake. Oh yes, you know how it is, getting your coffee mug to the streets in the morning seems like such a far cry. But hear me out: Caffeine constricts the blood vessels and reduces blood supply to your reproductive organs because it is a vasoconstrictor agent.

Far from ideal especially when one is interested in providing the necessary environment for making babies. Caffeine also interferes with the regulation of hormones and can lead to changes in menstrual cycles.

Well, then, what are the alternatives in a world where educated girls are supposed to postpone their marriages and/or have steady boyfriends?

To avoid fertility damage, try not to exceed the intake of caffeine in your beverages to 200mg daily or the equivalent of two cups of coffee; otherwise, opt for other beverages such as herbal teas or those that have been decaffeinated.

2. Get Your Groove On: Natural Fertility Boosters

Okay, I don’t mean literally twerking (though don’t rule out the occasional jumping-jack for fertility success). What I’m talking about is the horizontal tango – that is, normal healthy fun and which all decent folks know as sex.

Experts maintain that intercourse that is frequent within the fertile window period, about every two to three days could help boosts chances of conception.

But don’t just take the word of this imagining author. The involved literature revealed that men who engage in regular work activity are likely to achieve higher success levels necessary in instances of both male and female infertility. Well, all those out there, get ready to spend some time and make preparation, close the schedules, take some candles and make preparations to be intimate!

3. Embrace the Avocado

In terms of fertility, avocados are probably one of the best foods you could think of eating, as they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are beneficial for your reproductive system.

However, the focus of super food in this show is folic acid which is vital in the developmental stage of the embryos and can be instrumental in combating neural tube defects in babies.

However, what makes avocados even greater for reproductive health is that they are also packed with other nutrients such as vitamin E, potassium and monounsaturated fats – the good fats.

Therefore, whether you are planning on making avocado toast, guacamole, or even an avocado smooth bowl, do not hold back because doing so can in fact benefit your ovaries.

4. Exercise Regularly: Natural Fertility Boosters

Number 4 on our list of 14 natural fertility hacks for women is regular exercise. So, every woman who plans to conceive a child should remember that physical exercise is a powerful weapon that one should not pay too little attention to in terms of fertility.

It affects the fertility of a person not only on the physiological level but also on the level of the entire organism. Through regular exercise the blood supply to the reproductive organs is enhanced in order to facilitate the transportation of essential nutrients to the area to support conception as well as eliminating any toxins that might hinder conception.

But that is not all; exercise helps to reduce stress as well Exercise is among the most recommended remedy for a stressed-up individual.

Stress is one of the major issues affecting people in contemporary society, and due to this, significant changes in hormonal balance can be observed, which include cases of irregularities in ovulation and menstruation.

If the woman does moderate exercise on most of the days of the week, she would be able to reduce her stress level and improve her mood and possibility of conceiving.

In other words, no matter what kind of workout it is – a walk in the park, practicing yoga, or dancing, you should choose something you like and do it consistently. It will work wonders to your body as well as your future baby and pediatrician will be glad to see you with something so healthy in you.

5. Go Nuts for Nuts

Easily affordable and readily available, nuts such as almond, walnut, Brazil nut among others are great fertility foods. These are rich in important minerals like zinc, selenium, and omega 3 fatty acids that are necessary for hormones, ovulation, and healthy reproductive systems.

Furthermore, nuts are packed with essential healthy fats and proteins that aid in moderating blood sugar fluctuations and energy preservation, which is crucial because let’s not forget that the process of trying for a baby is quite a tiresome affair. Thus, feel free to munch on a handful (or two, as your doctor allows) of these crisps!

6. Ditch the Plastics

Here’s a fertility tip you might not have heard before: It is wise to minimize our contact as much as possible with those plastics that are labeled as 3,6, and 7. These plastics may include BPA and phthalates; these chemicals interfere with the body’s normal secreting of hormones crucial in conception processes.

It is advisable to use glass, stainless steel or plastic which is BPA free for storage, reheating of foods or for covering foods and do not heat foods in plastic containers or wraps. They truly are a small change, but it is something that might have a greatly beneficial effect on your baby making endeavors.

7. Manage Your Stress: Natural Fertility Boosters

Another natural fertility boosters for women is stress management Alright, you might be thinking, ‘He or she said that, Sarah, but how do you manage it when stress is such a slippery customer, anyway?”

And you’re right, stress is not the easiest creature to put to bed early, especially when one is toiling on the emotional treadmill that is the Infertility Treadmill.

But hear me out: Stress will not only be great on your embryos, but also directly affect the menstrual cycle, egg quality and sperm quality of your partner.

Thus, try to come up with ways to deal with stress on a daily basis In general, practice yoga or meditation, write a journal, or do whatever that could help you to relax and take time for yourself. And so, your body, soul, and spirit will be grateful for it.

8. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Another  very vital natural fertility boosters for women is weight management. So it is very clear that weight is a factor that should not be joked with as far as fertility is concerned. Obesity or being underweight negatively affects hormone balance and disrupts the menstrual cycle to hinder the chances of conception.

Additionally, weight issues such as obesity negatively affect insulin sensitivity and sexual hormones normalcy in women, while being underweight affects ovulation and menstruation.

But worry not, for discovering your optimal healthy weight range is all possible and it is extremely achievable. This way, you can attain the right weight for conception through proper weights for intake and regular exercises.

Also, try to maintain a balanced diet and include a lot of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains while avoiding foods that has been through the process and foods high in sugar.

And do not forget this is not about reaching a certain number on the scale it is about fueling your body and especially if you are of the childbearing age, supporting your reproductive organs.

9. Sip on Fertility Teas: Natural Fertility Boosters

Herbal teas, which are cocktails made from natural herbs, is another natural fertility hacks for women. It have been used in the past for treatment of some illnesses for example fertility cases. Though they are not a ‘wonder’ that will fend off all your reproductive ailments, some bowls can be used to achieve incredible results in this area.

For example the red raspberry teas contain Iron, Calcium and Vitamin which help prepare the uterus for the coming Pregnancy.

At the same time, the intake of the chaste berry tea will aid in the regulation of hormonal imbalances, which can lead to irregularities in the menstrual cycle in some women, while the green tea contains antioxidants that enhance the quality of the egg.

10. Get Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another natural fertility boosters for women. Do you or did you know that in most cases vitamin D has a close relationship with fertility in both males and females? It plays a role of maintaining estrogen levels, facilitating implantation of early stages and enhancing the quality of your eggs and your partner sperm.

So if you cannot get your vitamin D fix from the sun, then try taking a walk around the shopping mall.

Unfortunately, most of us do not get enough vitamin D, especially those who work on computers or are locked up at home or if you come from the Northern region.

Therefore, it is always advisable to get a natural sunlight (with an added protection from the skinlamy sunshine, consume foods that are rich in vitamin D such as fatty fish and egg yolks, or take a vitamin D supplement.

11. Prioritize Your ZZZs

In essence, it is time to be honest: fertility issues? They are so, so tiring – on the body and the spirit. In fact, research has shown that if a woman does not sleep well, this makes it more difficult for her to get pregnant.

Sleeping deficiencies also alter the normal pattern for hormone regulation, fertility cycles, and the quality of your eggs. People should aim to get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep per night, it is advisable to set routines when going to bed and waking up to help the body know what is expected of it.

12. Spice Things Up

No, I’m not referring to treating yourself and your partner to new dance on the bed (although a little nip and tuck always comes in handy for the bird and the bee). Like adding cinnamon, turmeric and ginger in the foods you eat because they enhances fertility.

In addition to flavonoids and other components with estrogen-like activity, these powerhouse spices are full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and other nutrients that may help your body better regulate your cycle, increase blood flow to your wens, or thicken cervical mucus so sperm has an easier time swimming through.

13. Get Your Acupuncture On

Acupuncture is another natural fertility boosters for women, it is a traditional healing approach of healing that was discovered in China and it works on the basis of inserting very thin needles into certain areas on the body with an aim of balancing some energies and helping the body to improve its ability to heal itself.

So, although it could be possibly sanded off as New Age mumbo-jumbo, there is some evidence for the HMB and its positive impact on fertility.

It has been ascertained that acupuncture makes positive effects on hormonal systems, corrects the ovary function, and even can increase the possibility of conception when used in addition to the standard fertility treatments such as IVF.

Besides, it is also a good way of coping with stress and reducing stress – a factor that is known to possibly affect fertility in women.

14. Quit Smoking: Natural Fertility Boosters

Quitting tobacco smoking is the last on our list of 14 natural fertility boosters for women; it is a well-known anti-fertility method, which causes harm for both men and women.

The chemicals in cigarettes not only affect the reproductive system but also stimulate hormonal imbalance to make conception a complicated event. For women, smoking harms the fertility by reducing the egg quality, disrupting the menstrual cycles, and can further lead to early menopause.

The fairer sex is not exempted either; smoking has adverse effect on sperm count and its ability to move towards the egg cuts down the chances of fertilization.

But here’s the good news: there are many ways of improving fertility but the single biggest change any man or woman can make in order to markedly increase their chances of conceiving is to quit smoking.

Quitting is good for your reproductive system and also makes a positive impact on your entire body. Even in females, circulation to the reproductive system is enhanced within a few weeks of abstaining from smoking; therefore fertility is greatly enhanced.

Hence, if one is keen on kick-starting a family, quitting the final cigarette might be that turn around moment one has been waiting for.

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